Thomas Miles

I'm Thomas Lorne Miles. People I know call me Tommy. This domain is home to some of my websites: public and private, current and historical. If I've shared something with you or built something for you, it's probably here someplace.

You may contact me through the email form at the bottom of this page, or through my accounts on LinkedIn,, and Twitter.

I live in New York City, providing a wide variety of specialist consulting and database solutions for agencies that provide social services, mental health care, and housing services. As well, I do a variety of quasi- (or is it psuedo-?) academic work, mostly concerning the history and politics of the West African nations of Niger and Mali.

What's accessible here?

My Tomathon blog is a repository of more-or-less serious writing since 1995. I write about West African current events and history, progressive politics in New York and further afield, as well taking the occasional look at football fandom and culture. If you don't know what any of that means, you're probably not interested.

I am a consultant to social services agencies which find themselves with inflexible or underutilized database software or who seek to combine and rationalize multiple sources of data to meet regulatory, accounting and workflow needs. For social services SQL data reporting, database wrangling, and software focused consulting services, please use the contact form below, or visit



African affairs writing, background work, and research database access: please use the contact form below.

Most recent CV and bio are at LinkedIn.

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